Bad weather update….

The past three weeks have been marked by continuing bad weather in the form of heavy rain and gales.  There have been reports of widespread flooding in parts of Somerset, sections of sea wall collapsing in Devon and, closer to home, I have lost a whole section of garden fencing to the winds.  Though a nuisance, consulting with my neighbours over fence-gate was an excellent excuse to be invited inside for a cuppa and a natter to get to know each other better.

Anyway, back to the weather.. Needless to say opportunities to get out on my bike have been few and far between lately and where they have existed I have grabbed the opportunity.  The nights are starting to get that bit longer now and I really can’t wait for the first signs of spring.

I have kept active this month by playing a fair amount of badminton with a colleague.  I’ve been running on my treadmill and attending a variety of classes at the local leisure centre.  My favourite so far, and the most relevant to my training, has been the trixster bike class.  The trixster bike is a variation of the standard stationary spinning bike; designed to more accurately replicate the sensation of riding outdoors in a “total body workout”.  The bikes have real-feel pedals, brakes, gears and handlebars that rock from side to side when riding with effort.  In between periods of intense cycling the class instructor had us getting up and down from bike to floor to perform press-ups and jump squats over and over.  The class was only 45 minutes long but I felt it was the most worthwhile short workout I have done in a long while!  I will definitely be back for more.

In other news I received a newsletter by email from Macmillan detailing some of the arrangements on the logistical side for the event and offering some fundraising advice.  Apparently there are now just 15 spaces left for people to sign up for the ride.  Interestingly, the newsletter advised that April is the rough time to begin training in earnest.  Conveniently, that should be the time that co-incides with when I get my road bike and when the weather will be consistently better for long training rides.

On the subject of fundraising, my thoughts are turning to setting up my webpage in order to start collecting donations.  Yes…the time has come to become one of those annoying people nagging for money from my dear friends and family!


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